Design and Production


Conceptual brainstorming involves coming up with visual solutions that function and that meet overall site objectives. Visual designers start experimenting with colors and layouts, thumbnails and sketches. Our Product/DEV group can also be involved: All concepts should be reviewed to confirm feasibility before being presented as a completed concept.


During the visual design phase, we take time to confirm the content, page flow, navigation and proposed functionality. Without doing this, moving on to production is a risk. Involve site operations at all points – from initial sketches through presentation – to ensure that the designs are producible and conform within their plans.


Once the look and feel is refined and approved, it needs to be applied across multiple pages, and then each of those pages must be prepped for optimization and production.


Review all elements and assets meant for the final production phase of the site. Confirm guidelines and file structure for now and the future.


Production is ready to begin in earnest. If all questions are answered and all details already addressed, this can be a very streamlined process. If not, it can be costly. The goal is to code each page only once. Maintaining clear standards for production is extremely important, especially for our team of production designers. Consistency is key.


We’ve built the site; now we make sure it works. Quality assurance testing is simply the exhaustive checking of the site for bugs and against the original specifications outlined in our discovery process. Our QA test plan specifies the methodology used to test against browsers, platforms and technical specifications. We’ve tested at various stages up to this point. Now that the site is built, it is time to test it as a whole. A client review is also strongly recommended.