Initial Steps

We should spend an appropriate amount of time understanding the core purpose, the outgoing site and the redesign project. Gather information and ask questions. Learn about the audience. Analyze the current site and compare it to the market, both online and offline. Develop an understanding of the strategy behind the site and what the value is for the user.


Includes information gathering, establishment of business goals, user goals, programming needs/issues, DNS information, data needs. Collect, review and analyze.

Articulating Services

Crucial area, explanation of the variety of services we offer to cover a customer’s needs, keeping segmentation in mind. Bring in specialists for each discipline if needed, to develop full plan and integrate internally.


Communicating to client mutual goals for all parties, with creative brief, defining actionable plans in writing and confirmed by client. echo and client discuss and agree upon overall goals for new website in the kick-off meeting.


With client intent in mind, schedules, project team, staging environment, project plan development is created.


Develop plan for architecture, with data plan, overall content approach, with existing content audited and evaluated for absorbtion into new or redesigned site. An approved content delivery plan is a key component for client and evolution.


With the content plan in place, construct a site map, with a visual guide of how the site should be constructed. The production/creative specifications are entered into the system at this point.


Using the content delivery plan and the site map/production specifications, confirm and define the user tasks for the site.

Evaluating/Developing Marketing Plan

Usage of our system is not a total success without activation. Review our product and service offerings in relation to our marketing components – See the Creative Brief Worksheet for details.


Meeting between project team and client to confirm services, approach, business and user goals. Review plan and timelines for delivery.

For more detail on each step, contact us here at evolution.