Launch and Beyond


Most projects have one process designing and building and another process to manage the ongoing maintenance. The transition between a site in development and a site in maintenance will be determined prior to launch.


An announcement strategy has been planned long in advance of the launch date. That plan should notify the existing audience in advance of the site’s redesign to encourage buy-in and feedback. As outside factors may be involved, make sure there is clear communication as to the site’s readiness and launch status before any major initiative is started.

Upon confirmation with all parties - You’re live.


The individual(s) responsible for updating should have a high enough level of skill to handle any maintenance of the redesigned site. The evolution team will inform the maintenance team as to the complexity of the redesigned site.

Managing Account/Content/Marketing Plan:
Determine the frequency and details of site updates. We will review an official plan outlining the sections and content that will be updated on a daily/weekly/ monthly/quarterly basis. Set deadlines that include a regular check of the site against the standards set in the Style Guide.

Measuring Success:
Now that we have launched, it is time to track and measure results. Does your new site actually meet your original design goals? Have sales increased? Have calls to customer service decreased? Having both qualitative and quantitative feedback on usage and customer satisfaction helps you analyze your redesign’s success. Have we budgeted for this? This is key to measuring the site’s success.